I am a freelance Filmmaker based in Southern California and working worldwide.  My passion for filmmaking began at an early age growing up on television shows and movies, I leaned to shoot on a VHS camera and edit “deck to deck” on consumer VCRs…press play on the deck playing my raw footage and hitting  record on the 2nd deck to “edit” my takes into scenes…mistakes would be rewound, played and recorded until I got it right.  In my teenage years I got hired at the local AMC multiplex and graduated to editing used 35mm movie trailers by splicing them together by hand and eye, threading up the projector to review my “work” and then re-cutting until the desired effect was achieved.  Around the same time I developed a keen interest in black and white photography which years later all culminated into a passion and fascination for artistic and technical “magic” of cinematography that continues to this day.  I have since had the good fortune to have been entrusted with the latest in modern filmmaking technology and budgets beyond my wildest minimum wage dreams cooked up while splicing away at used trailers and threading up the projector and screening them into the wee hours of the morning long after my shift had ended and over the years I have grown artistically and technically both from experience and studying under some of the best cinematographers in the world and working with people who inspire and amaze me, I still find myself  trying to hit “play” and “record” on the VCRs in my mind at just the right moment to make a series of shots work or not work and then rewinding again and again until the audience sees it the way I see it.

If you would like to know more about me, my work, are interested hiring me or would just like to talk movies I can be contacted at: